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BOAS 2024

Annual Scientific Meeting

Monday 9th September 2024 Nottingham

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Things to Do

The Home of Robin Hood, Nottingham has much to see and do. Why not stay a little longer and explore this historic city.

Visit Nottinghamshire

Discover Nottingham, land of Robin Hood in the heart of England. Find the ideal hotel, restaurant, entertainment or cultural site for the perfect visit. 

This website will provide you with a wealth of information and ideas about your visit to this beautiful County.


Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle is a Stuart Restoration-era ducal mansion built on the site of a Norman Castle (starting in 1068). It has been added to extensively through the medieval period, when it was an important royal fortress and occasional royal residence. In decline by the 16th century, the original castle, except for its walls and gates, was demolished after the English Civil War in 1651. The site occupies a commanding position on a natural promontory known as "Castle Rock" which dominates the city skyline, with cliffs 130 feet (40 m) high to the south and west.

Nottingham Castle.jpg

City of Caves

Nottingham has the UK's largest network of caves - over 800 are hidden beneath its streets. At The City of Caves, you can discover the largest publicly available section of this vast underground network. Enjoy a memorable adventure in history at the heart of this subterranean wonder.

Soak up the extraordinary atmosphere of the ancient caves carved deep beneath Nottingham’s city centre, including WW2 air raid shelters and a medieval tannery. An audio tour there lasts approximately 45 minutes, so we recommend bringing headphones!

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