Council Members




Council Members

President:  Mr Tom Eke

Past President: Dr Keith Allman

Hon. Secretary: Dr Adrian Kwa

Hon. Treasurer:   Dr Junia Rahman

Journal Editor : Dr Santhana Kannan


Website : Dr Anand Arora

Education : Dr Adrian Kwa

Governance : Dr Andrew Presland, Dr Joanna Budd,  Prof Chandra Kumar, Prof Chris Dodds

Journal Editor : Santhana Kannan

Deputy Editors : John Clarke and Junia Rehman

Co-opted Members

AACEA  : Dr K-L Kong

ESOA : Dr Friedrich Lersch

Surgeon Advocate :Mr Imran Masood

Liason with RCOpth : Prof Peter Shah

Australian link : Dr Junia Rehman


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The Society was established by Dr. Chandra M Kumar, consultant anaesthetist, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK in 1998 largely with the help of:

Dr Sue Bailey, Consultant Anaesthetist, London

Dr Alison Budd, Consultant Anaesthetist, London

Mr Ted Burton, Norwich Hospital, Norwich

Dr Caroline Carr, Consultant Anaesthetist, London

Mr John Clarke, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Middlesbrough

Mr L Clearkin, Wirral Hospital, Wirral

Mr Stuart Cook, Bristol

Dr Narinder Dhariwal, Consultant Anaesthetist, Sunderland

Dr Chris Dodds, Consultant Anaesthetist, Middlesbrough

Mr Tim Dowd, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Mamdouh El-Naggar, Ophthalmologist, Middlesbrough

Dr Garry Fanning, Chicago,USA

Dr Mike Foley, Consultant Anaesthetist, Middlesbrough

Dr David Greaves, Consultant Anaesthetist, Newcastle

Dr Roy Hamilton, Canada

Dr Monica Hardwick, Consultant Anaesthetist, Worcester

Dr Robert Johnson, Consultant Anaesthetist, Bristol

Dr M S Kokri, Consultant Anaesthetist, Middlesbrough

Mr Bartley McNeela, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Jersey

Dr John Prossor, Consultant Anaesthetist, Worcester

Dr Tony Rubin, Consultant Anaesthetist, London

Dr Dave Ryall, Consultant Anaesthetist, Middlesbrough

Mr Dave Smerdon, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Middlesbrough

Dr Sean Tighe, Chester

Dr Mike Tremlett, Consultant Anaesthetist, Middlesbrough

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BOAS  CIO Documents 

BOAS CIO Constitution

BOAS CIO Byelaws

The above documents were discussed at the AGM on 7 Dec 2020.